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Heart energy connects us 
and healing light and love flow freely

Heart to Heart Healing

UNIVERSAL RAYS HEALING is a powerful healing system channeled from a council of ascended masters by master channel In’Easa Mabu Ishtar. Pranic energy from Mother Earth prepares the body to receive creation rays of highest vibrational light from Source, directed as needed by 12 ascended masters, the gatekeepers of the rays.  Energy is channelled through the healer and sent by intention to the chakras and meridians of the client. Unresolved karmic energy from this or previous lifetimes is returned to light, raising vibration, freeing us to evolve into new patterns of thought and emotion in alignment with divine truth and the soul’s path. 
Accredited to Level 3, highest of this system, I provide healing sessions through Zoom. A process of three sessions of approximately 2 hours each is recommended, but clients may want less or more.  
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Who I am

Having been a healer through many lifetimes, in this lifetime I’ve followed an evolutionary path of expansion of understanding. Through 20 years as a family doctor then 17 years as a psychotherapist I worked in mainstream health care systems incorporating energy methods as I could, holding a vision of humans as energy beings struggling to live in physical reality. I now find fulfillment in providing this profound healing modality that surpasses all I’ve known before. 

For more information contact:

Janice Coates

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